The raw data obtained with FORCAST during the Short Science I flights may be downloaded by following the "Search Science Archive" link on the SOFIA Data Cycle System (DCS) page. In order to download data, it is necessary to register and log in to DCS. (Instructions on how to register are available on the DCS website.) However, it is possible to search the archive without registering and logging in.

The most straightforward way to browse the Short Science I data is searching by Mission ID. In the search box, click the button to enable Mission ID search. The three Short Science I flights, which took place on the nights of December 1, 4 and 8, 2010, have the following IDs:


Each mission has a large number of individual data products, and therefore after browsing through the list, it is suggested that the search be repeated using the Mission ID (or an appropriately narrow date range) AND a target name.