Unified SOFIA Proposal and Observation Tool (USPOT)

All proposals are to be prepared and submitted using the Unified SOFIA Proposal and Observation Tool (USPOT).
Download USPOT

Exposure Time Estimation (SITE)

Estimations of exposure times can be made using the SOFIA Instrument Time Estimator (SITE), a web-based tool that provides total integration time or S/N for a given instrument, filter(s), source type (point, extended, emission line), and water vapor overburden.

EXES time estimator manual

Atmospheric Transmission (ATRAN)

The atmospheric transmission as a function of wavelength may be obtained using the on-line tool ATRAN developed and provided to the SOFIA program by Steve Lord. The use of ATRAN is necessary for planning SOFIA high-resolution spectroscopic observations.

Target Visibility Tool (VT)

The target visibility for SOFIA can be determined using the Visibility Tool (VT), which is now available both within USPOT and as a standalone tool (as a Java Applet or for download). Note that the use of VT is not a requirement, since detailed flight planning is done by the SMO staff.