Science presentation materials include editable PowerPoint (PPTX) slides based on SOFIA science results, poster PDF files, iPoster links, movies, and animations. Many presentations are associated with published papers, in which case the first author's name links to the ADS abstract in the table below. Older presentations can be found here.

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Science Presentation Materials
Topic Instrument Title Author & ADS Link Year File Type
Star Formation FORCAST/HAWC+ Episodic Accretion in High-Mass Protostars Hunter 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic HAWC+ The Warped Magnetic Field of Centaurus A Lopez-Rodriguez 2021 PPTX
Star Formation FIFI-LS Episodic Accretion in Massive Star Formation Stecklum 2021 PPTX
Star Formation EXES EXES Probes the Heart of Hot-Core Chemistry Nickerson 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic FIFI-LS Galactic Chimneys: An Unseen Component of the Disk-Halo Interaction Reach 2020 PPTX
Stars & Supernovae GREAT First Astrophysical Detection of a Very Special Molecule Güsten 2019 PPTX
Solar System FORCAST SOFIA Detects Water on the Moon Honniball 2020 PPTX
Extragalactic HAWC+ Magnetic Highway: Channeling the M82 Superwind Lopez-Rodriguez 2021 PPTX
Star Formation upGREAT First Signs of Star Birth Triggered by Orion Wind Pabst 2020 PPTX
Stars & Supernovae EXES Carbon Dioxide in R Leonis Fonfría 2020 PPTX
Solar System FPI+ Occultations from SOFIA Young 2020 PDF
Solar System FORCAST A legacy of lunar water through SOFIA Honniball 2020 PDF
ISM GREAT Horsehead Nebula Velocity Resolved [C II] Map Pabst 2017 PPTX
ISM GREAT Clouds Near Quasars Redefined Glück 2017 PPTX
ISM FORCAST Arched Filaments Color-Temp Map Hankins 2017 PPTX
Stars EXES Betelgeuse High-Res [Fe II] Data Harper 2017 PPTX
Protostars FORCAST Changes in the YSO FU Ori Disk Green 2016 PPTX
Protostars FORCAST Mapping PAH Sizes in NGC 7023 Croiset 2016 PPTX
Protostars FLITECAM Mapping PAH Sizes in NGC 7023 Croiset 2016 PPTX
Planetary EXES HDO and H2O on Mars Encrenaz 2016 PPTX
Protostars FIFI-LS Orion Nebula     PPTX
Protostars GREAT Infall in High-mass Star-forming Clumps Wyrowski 2016 PPTX
Protostars EXES Detection of H2O Vapor in AFGL 2591 Indriolo 2015 PPTX
Protostars FORCAST 6–37 μm Imaging of Orion BN/KL De Buizer 2012 PPTX
Protostars FORCAST 6–37 μm Imaging of Orion BN/KL Shuping 2012 PPTX
Protostars GREAT First Detection of OD Outside the Solar System Parise 2012 PPTX
ISM GREAT Discovery of Interstellar Mercapto Radicals Neufeld 2012 PPTX
Protostars GREAT Dynamics of S106 Warm Gas Simon 2012 PPTX
ISM GREAT Probing MHD Shocks Gusdorf 2012 PPTX
ISM GREAT [CII] Observations of the Ring Nebula Sahai 2012 PPTX
ISM GREAT Galactic Circumnuclear Disk Requena-Torres 2012 PPTX
Protostars HAWC+ W3 Polarimetry Data     PPTX
Galaxies HAWC+ Starburst Galaxies vs AGNs     PPTX
Galaxies HAWC+ NGC 1068 Torus Emission Turn-Over Lopez-Rodriguez 2018 PPTX
Protostars HAWC+ Orion Nebula Chuss 2019 PPTX
Protostars HAWC+ Rho Ophiuchi A Santos 2019 PPTX
Protostars FORCAST Dust Mineralogy of Proto-planetary Nebulae Arneson 2017 PPTX
Galaxies GREAT ISM Phases of the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4214 Fahrion 2017 PPTX
Instrument EXES EXES Science   2020 PPTX
Instrument HIRMES HIRMES: Ice Diagnostics McClure 2015 PPTX
Instrument FORCAST FORCAST Highlights as of 2020   2020 PDF
Instrument FIFI-LS FIFI-LS Highlights as of 2020   2020 PPTX
Instrument GREAT Summer 2020 GREAT Update   2020 PPTX
Instrument FIFI-LS FIFI-LS: SOFIA’s Integral Field Spectrometer     PPTX
Instrument HIRMES HIRMES: SOFIA’s High-resolution Infrared Spectrometer     PPTX
Stars N/A PDR Astrochemical Models of Massive Star Formation Leichtnam 2019 iPoster
Various EXES High-resolution Mid-IR Observations of the Molecular Universe with EXES on SOFIA DeWitt 2019 PDF
Stars EXES Probing the Hot, Dense Gas near Massive Protostars via Water Absorption Indriolo 2019 PDF
Instrument FIFI-LS Absolute Flux Calibration and Characterization of the SOFIA-FIFI-LS Integral Field Spectrometer Fadda 2019 iPoster
ISM FIFI-LS First Look at Orion-KL with FIFI-LS Onboard SOFIA Minchin 2019 PDF
Galactic Center FIFI-LS SOFIA FIFI-LS Observations of the PDR in SRG B1 Simpson 2019 PDF
Extragalactic FIFI-LS SOFIA Reveals [CII] Emission from Jet and Ghostly Arms in NGC 4258 Fadda 2019 PDF
Stars FORCAST Dissecting Massive Protostars: Testing Theoretical Models with Flux Density Profiles Yousef 2019 iPoster
Protoplanetary FORCAST Mid-infrared Variability in Spectra of Pre-transitional Disk Sources AB Aur and MWC 758: Preliminary Results from SOFIA-FORCAST Observations Shuping 2019 PDF
Galactic Center FORCAST The SOFIA-FORCAST Imaging Survey Toward Giant HII Regions of the Galaxy Lim 2019 iPoster
Protoplanetary GREAT Investigation of HD as a Tracer of Protoplanetary Disk Mass Chen 2019 iPoster
ISM GREAT The Expanding Orion Nebula Pabst 2019 PDF
Extragalactic HAWC+ Far-Infrared Polarization of Galaxies with SOFIA Lopez-Rodriguez 2018 PDF
Extragalactic HAWC+ The Dust and Cloud Distribution of the Torus of NGC 1068 Lopez-Rodriguez 2018 PDF
Extragalactic HAWC+ The Highly Polarized Infrared Core of Cygnus A Lopez-Rodriguez 2018 PDF
Solar System HIRMES HIRMES – HIgh Resolution Mid-infrarEd Spectrometer for SOFIA Rostem 2019 PDF
Various Multiple Latest Science and Status of Your Flying Observatory – SOFIA Ennico 2019 PDF
Various Multiple Recent Scientific Highlights from the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy Moullet 2019 PDF
Various Multiple SOFIA-ALMA Synergies Chambers 2019 PDF
Solar System Multiple Solar System Science with the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy Moullet 2019 PDF
Various Multiple SOFIA Overview   2020 PPTX
Various Multiple Science with SOFIA Schulz 2020 PDF
Solar System GREAT Atomic Oxygen in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Richter 2021 PPTX
Star Formation EXES Temperature and Density Layers in the Ghost Nebula Soam 2021 PPTX
Star Formation HAWC+ Role of Magnetic Fields in Cloud Destruction in the Keyhole Nebula Seo 2021 PPTX
Star Formation HAWC+ Constraining Magnetic and Gravitational Energies in Star-Forming Clouds Lee 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic HAWC+ Magnetic Chaos Hidden Within the Whirlpool Galaxy Borlaff 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic GREAT Multi-Phase [C II] Emission in Nearby Galaxies Tarantino 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic HAWC+ Magnetically-Driven Flows in NGC 1097 Lopez-Rodriguez 2021 PPTX
Extragalactic FIFI-LS Evidence of [CII] Shocked Emission in NGC 7479 Fadda 2021 PPTX
Star Formation GREAT Stellar Feedback and Triggered Star Formation in RCW 120 Luisi 2021 PPTX
Stars & Supernovae GREAT New Observations of Terahertz Water Masers with SOFIA Neufeld 2021 PPTX
Stars & Supernovae FORCAST The Age of Westerlund 1 Revisited Beasor 2021 PPTX

Movies and Animations

FORCAST Short Science Flight #2 mov (310.75 MB)
Short SOFIA First Flight wmv (10.7 MB)
Door Operation Simulation mpg (700 KB)
Design Reference Mission simulation avi (162.256 MB)
GREAT Horsehead Nebula [C II] 12'x17' velocity resolved map mp4 (4 MB)
Apparent Jitter of Telescope mp4 (10.5 MB)
Flight Plan mp4 (17.3 MB)

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