All papers listed here are submitted or accepted to refereed publications available by searching the Astronomy database of the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), with the exception of those listed under the heading "Not yet available in ADS". The papers listed include those that present scientific results which have made use of data obtained with SOFIA and (denoted by an asterisk, with independent numbering) all the other papers, including those about the observatory and the instruments.

List created : 2022-6-28

Science preprints: 16, Observatory preprints: (*) 2

16. "A multi-epoch, multi-wavelength study of the classical FUor V1515 Cyg approaching quiescence"
Szabó, Zs. M., et al., 2022-06-00, ADS

15. "Role of magnetic fields in fueling Seyfert nuclei"
Hu, Yue, et al., 2022-06-00, ADS

14. "SOFIA observations of 30 Doradus: II -- Magnetic fields and large scale gas kinematics"
Tram, Le Ngoc, et al., 2022-05-00, ADS

13. "Extragalactic magnetism with SOFIA (SALSA Legacy Program) -- IV: Program overview and first results on the polarization fraction"
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique, et al., 2022-05-00, ADS

12. "The SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey. IV. Isolated Protostars"
Fedriani, Ruben, et al., 2022-05-00, ADS

11. "Surveying the Giant HII Regions of the Milky Way with SOFIA: IV. Sgr D, W42, and a Reassessment of the Giant HII Region Census"
De Buizer, James M., et al., 2022-05-00, ADS

10. "Disks and Outflows in the Intermediate-mass Star Forming Region NGC 2071 IR"
Cheng, Yu, et al., 2022-05-00, ADS

9. "Extragalactic magnetism with SOFIA (SALSA Legacy Program) -- III: First data release and on-the-fly polarization mapping characterization"
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique, et al., 2022-04-00, ADS

8. "Dents in the Veil: Protostellar feedback in Orion"
Kavak, U., et al., 2022-03-00, ADS

7. "Photodissociation and X-Ray Dominated Regions"
Wolfire, Mark G., et al., 2022-02-00, ADS

6. "Isolated Massive Star Formation in G28.20-0.05"
Law, Chi-Yan, et al., 2022-01-00, ADS

5. "Modeling CO Line Profiles in Shocks of W28 and IC44"
Fuda, Nguyen, et al., 2021-12-00, ADS

4. "Arecibo-Green Bank-LOFAR Carbon Radio Recombination Line observations toward cold HI Clouds"
Anish Roshi, D., et al., 2021-11-00, ADS

3. "HI-H2 transition: exploring the role of the magnetic field"
Skalidis, R., et al., 2021-10-00, ADS

2. "The 2019 outburst of the 2005 classical nova V1047 Cen: a record breaking dwarf nova outburst or a new phenomenon?"
Aydi, E., et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

Science Preprints not yet available in ADS

1. "SOFIA Far-infrared [O III] and [O I] Observations of Dense CO-knots in the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A: Multi-phase Ejecta"
Rho, J, 2022-99, astro-ph

*2. "The external photoevaporation of planet-forming discs"
Winter, Andrew J., 2022-06-00, ADS

Technical Preprints not yet available in ADS

*1. "4GREAT -- a four-color receiver for high-resolution airborne terahertz spectroscopy"
Duran,C, 2021-99, astro-ph