Meetings and Workshops

This web page contains information about upcoming workshops and links to presentations from past workshops. Please note that some of the information contained in these presentations may have since been updated.

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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

December 14, 2020: AGU session: SOFIA, An Asset for Planetary Science

AGU attendees will be able to access the AGU poster session: SOFIA, An Asset for Planetary Science at the AGU Fall meeting. A Q&A session will be available at 1pm-2pm Pacific time at IPoster Pod 2.

Session description: 

The instrument suite onboard the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) provides unique access to the infrared sky (4-600 microns) for planetary scientists. This wavelength range is particularly relevant to solid surfaces studies, as it contains signature bands of mineral groups and organics, observed for example on asteroids Ceres and Hygiea. SOFIA provides unique diagnostics of crystalline/ amorphous composition, and of cometary dust grain size distribution. In addition, its high spectral resolution allows one to measure abundances of molecular species in planetary and cometary atmospheres, including the D/H ratio in water (Mars, comet Wirtanen). Finally, with the ability to deploy anywhere on Earth, SOFIA has been a key resource in occultations observing campaigns (Pluto, Triton, Varda,...). This session welcomes highlights of the latest SOFIA Solar System results. It will include a Q&A on the role of SOFIA for the planetary community, and an update on observatory status.

More information and abtracts here.

January 12, 2021: Special AAS session 'Assessing the Impact of Stellar Feedback'

The SOFIA Science Center is organizing the special session 'Assessing the Impact of Stellar Feedback' at the 237th AAS meeting (online). The oral session will be held on Tuesday January 12, from 4:10 pm to 5:40 pm (Eastern Time), with talks by the following invited speakers:

  • Xander Tielens (U. Leiden) - PI of SOFIA Legacy program FEEDBACK
  • Laura Lopez (OSU)
  • Mélanie Chevance (U. Heidelberg)
  • Hector Arce (Yale)
  • Susanna Widicus Weaver (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Crystal Martin (UCSB)

More information and asbtracts here.

January 15, 2021: SOFIA Town Hall

The event will be held on Friday January 15 at 13:40 am (Eastern Time) for attendees at the 237th AAS meeting

During this Town Hall, the SOFIA Director, Margaret Meixner, and the SOFIA team will report on the Instrument Roadmap, a document which will be delivered to NASA in the Fall of 2020 describing the priorities, timelines and modalities for SOFIA instruments' upgrades and new instrument development, Further topics will include the status of the observatory, the ongoing Cycle 8 observations including Legacy Programs, a summary of the proposal selection process and outcome for Cycle 8 and the implementation of the recent reviews’ recommendations.

More information here.

Past Meetings and Workshops

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2020 Workshops

October 26, 2020: DPS webinar - Lunar Observations from SOFIA: Recent Results and Next Plans
Online for DPS attendees

Speakers: Casey Honniball (NASA Goddard) and Bill Reach (SOFIA/USRA). More information.

August 18: Cycle 9 proposal preparation webinar

This is an interactive event on the proposal tools available for Cycle 9. The objective is to help proposers in avoiding the typical pitfalls in observing time estimates and enhancing the Technical Feasibility section of their proposals. More information here.

August 3: Introducing Dual-Anonymous Review for SOFIA proposals

This objective of this webinar is to present the motivations and guidelines for the implementation of dual-anonymous reviews for SOFIA proposals. With presentations from Lou Strolger (STSCI) and B-G Andersson (SOFIA/USRA). View the webinar recording here.

July 20: 2020 German SOFIA Workshop 2020

July 27-29: Building the SOFIA Instrument Roadmap Workshop II
More information

June 30: Building Legacy Proposals Workshop
More information

June 22-24: Building the SOFIA 2020-2025 Instrument Roadmap I
More information

June 1-3, AAS 236th Meeting
More information

January 5-8, AAS 235th Meeting
Honolulu, HI
More information

2019 Workshops

August 9, Proposal Tools Webinar
More information and presentations

May–August SOFIA Science on Tour
More information

January 6–​10, AAS 233rd Meeting
Seattle, WA
Workshop: FORCAST and HAWC+ Data Analysis

2018 Workshops

August 3, Community Day, NOAO
Tucson, AZ

May 23, Community Day, IPAC
Pasadena, CA

May 17, Next Generation Science Instrument Pre-proposal Workshop
More information

May 9, Community Day, NRAO/UVa
Charlottesville, VA

May 5, German SOFIA Workshop, Stuttgart, Germany
Conference website

May 2, Community Day, UT Austin
​Austin, TX

April 16, Next Generation Science Instrument Pre-proposal Workshop
More information

April 3, Next Generation Science Instrument Pre-proposal Workshop
More information

2017 Workshops

May 15–​16, Community Day, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

May 24, Community Day, University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI
in conjunction with the Midwest Magnetic Field Workshop

May 31, Community Day, University of Maryland
College Park, MD

June 6, Community Day, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Cambridge, MA

2016 Workshops

October, FIFI-LS Workshop, SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames
Moffett Field, CA

May 10, Community Day, Steward Observatory
Tuscon, AZ

2015 Workshops

August, XXIX IAU General Assembly
Honolulu, HI
Splinter session: SOFIA Mission Status and Science Update

May 20–​21, Observers' Workshop, Historic Adobe Building 
Mountain View, CA

2015 SOFIA Observers' Workshop
Workshop page
Agenda and presentations

March 16, Ringberg Workshop
Ringberg, Germany
Selected presentations

January 1–​5, AAS 225th Meeting
Seattle, WA
Splinter session: SOFIA Mission Status and Science Update

2014 Workshops

June 1–​5, AAS 224th Meeting
Boston, MA
SOFIA Splinter Session

January 5–​9, AAS 223rd Meeting
Washington, DC
SOFIA Splinter Session

2013 Workshops

January 6–​10, AAS 221st Meeting
Long Beach, CA
SOFIA Town Hall Session

2012 Workshops

June 10–​14, AAS 220th Meeting
Anchorage, AK

January 8–​12, AAS 219th Meeting
Austin, TX
Early Science Results from the SOFIA Observatory

2011 Workshops

November 7-8, SOFIA Workshop, NASA Ames
Moffett Field, CA

May 22–​26, AAS 218th Meeting
Boston, MA
SOFIA: Opportunities for Scientists & Educators

January, AAS 217th Meeting, Seattle, WA
Early Results from the SOFIA Observatory

2010 Workshops

October 4–​8, DPS Meeting
Pasadena, CA

June 6–​8, Asilomar Scientific Opportunities for New Instrumentation
Pacific Grove, CA
Scientific Opportunities For new Instrumentation, Asilomar 2010
Electronic Proceedings

January 3–​7, AAS 215th Meeting
Washington, D.C.
Early Science Opportunities with SOFIA V

2009 Workshops

June 7–​11, AAS 214th Meeting
Pasadena, CA
Early Science Opportunities with SOFIA IV

January 4–​8, AAS 213th Meeting
Long Beach, CA
Early Science Opportunities with SOFIA III
Special Session: Proposing for SOFIA Basic Science Observations

2008 Workshops

June, AAS 212th Meeting
St. Louis, MO
SOFIA Early Science Opportunities White Paper [pdf]

January 7–​11, AAS 211 Meeting
Austin, TX
Workshop Flyer
SOFIA Early Science: Program Overview (E. Becklin)
(Movie file #1 and Movie file #2 accompanying above presentation.)
SOFIA Early Science: Imaging (S. Casey)
SOFIA Education & Public Outreach program (D. Backman)

2007 Workshops

December, SOFIA's 2020 Vision
Caltech, CA
Scientific and Technological Opportunities Workshop
White Paper (final version, September 2008)

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