SOFIA at the 237th AAS Virtual Meeting

SOFIA Science at AAS

SOFIA science will be all over the 237th AAS Virtual Meeting January 11-15, 2021! This webpage lists all SOFIA-related events during the meeting. All times are Eastern Time. 

Download a printable PDF of SOFIA sessions here.

Special Session: Assessing the Impact of Stellar Feedback

Tuesday January 12, 4:10-5:40 pm ET - session 223

This oral session will feature talks by the following invited speakers:

  • Xander Tielens (U. Leiden) - PI of SOFIA Legacy program FEEDBACK
  • Laura Lopez (OSU)
  • Mélanie Chevance (U. Heidelberg)
  • Hector Arce (Yale)
  • Susanna Widicus Weaver (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Crystal Martin (UCSB)

More information and abstracts here.

SOFIA Town Hall

Friday, January 15, 1:40-2:40pm ET - session 519

During this Town Hall, the SOFIA Director, Margaret Meixner, and the SOFIA team will report on the Instrument Roadmap, a document which will be delivered to NASA in the Fall of 2020 describing the priorities, timelines and modalities for SOFIA instruments' upgrades and new instrument development, Further topics will include the status of the observatory, the ongoing Cycle 8 observations including Legacy Programs, a summary of the proposal selection process and outcome for Cycle 8 and the implementation of the recent reviews’ recommendations. More information.

Press Conference: Galaxies and Quasars II

Thursday, January 14, 12:15-1:15pm ET

Magnetic Highway: Channeling the M82 Super Wind, Jordan Guerra Aguilera (Villanova University)
Magnetic Chaos Hidden in the Whirlpool Galaxy, Alejandro Borlaff (NASA Ames Research Center)

Astrobites summary


Thursday 3:10–4:00 pm ET, Plenary Session 421. Thermal-IR Astronomy: Progress & Future Prospects, C. Packham
Friday 11:00–11:50 am ET, Plenary Session 500. The Role of Magnetic Fields: Galactic Science from HAWC+/SOFIA, D. Chuss


SOFIA will host two webinars during the meeting.

Tuesday, January 12, 12:30-1:00 pm ET

"Exploring the Mid-IR Galactic Center with SOFIA Legacy Maps" led by James Radomski and Nicole Karnath. The Galactic Center legacy maps obtained with FORCAST at 25- and 37-μm provide a large-scale view of bright infrared emission in the region, with an unprecedented spatial resolution. The detected emission allows one to constrain the dust spatial distribution and temperature, and to identify compact sources, including candidate young stellar objects, hence providing unique contextual information for the study of the closest galactic nucleus. We will present this publicly available dataset and different techniques to derive information and exploit its scientific value. More information here.

Wednesday, January 13, 1-1:30 pm ET

"SOFIA Archive Opportunities: Science-Ready Data and Funding" led by Ed Chambers, Luisa Rebull and B-G Andersson. The SOFIA Archival Research Program (SARP) is now open for proposals to fund research projects primarily using SOFIA data. The purpose of this program is to encourage the use of available SOFIA archival data and to realize the full potential of the SOFIA archive. In this webinar we will present the search and visualization functionalities for SOFIA data in the IRSA archive, highlight and describe select high-potential public datasets, and discuss the mechanics of the open funding call. More information here.

NASA will host a webinar highlighting SOFIA science.

Tuesday, January 12, 2:30-3:00 pm ET

"SOFIA: Science from the Stratosphere" by James De Buizer. SOFIA’s mid- and far-infrared observations are uncovering new clues about the birth of stars and planets, our interstellar origins and the path to life, magnetic fields and the distant universe.

Zoom Chat with SOFIA Mission Operations Director Margaret Meixner

Wednesday, January 13, 2:40-3:10 pm ET

Join SOFIA Mission Operations Director Margaret Meixner at the SOFIA booth to ask any of your questions about SOFIA.

Zoom Chats with SOFIA Project Scientist Naseem Rangwala

Monday, January 11, 2:40-3:10 pm ET, NASA booth
Wednesday, January 13, 4:10-4:40pm ET, SOFIA booth

Join SOFIA Project Scientist Nassem Rangwala at the NASA and SOFIA booths to ask any of your questions about SOFIA.

Contributed Presentations

Monday, January 11

12:30–12:40 pm ET, Oral Session 114.04. [O I] Self-Absorption and Absorption toward a Bubble-shaped PDR in the Nessie Nebula, J. Jackson et al.

12:40–12:50 pm ET, Oral Session 109.04. Dying of the Light: Cold Quasars & The Shutdown of Galaxy Growth, K. C. Cooke et al.

1:20–1:30 pm ET, Oral Session 114.09. Tracing Cloud-Cloud Collision: Orion A, W. Lim et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 137.01. CO-dark Molecular Gas and Star Formation across the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946, R. Klein et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 137.02. Expansion of an H II Region Bubble in the Nessie Nebula Triggers Star Formation in the IRDC Filament, J. Jackson et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 137.03. SOFIA FEEDBACK Survey: Exploring the Kinetics of the Stellar Wind Driven Shell of RCW 49, M. Tiwari

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 137.04. Stellar feedback and triggered star formation in the prototypical bubble RCW 120, M. Luisi

4:10–5:40 pm ET iPoster Session 153.01. Tracing a cloud-cloud collision towards the DR21 ridge with [CII], L. Bonne et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET iPoster Session 153.02. The SOFIA Mid-Infrared Imaging Survey toward Giant HII Regions: W49A, J. De Buizer et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET iPoster Session 153.15. How Massive Star FEEDBACK Carves Pillars out of Dense Gas, R. L. Karim et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET iPoster Session 153.16. SOFIA Elucidates the Structure of the Galactic Center H II Region/PDR Sgr B1, J. P. Simpson et al.

Tuesday, January 12

12:40–1:00 pm ET, Oral Session 219.04. Bayesian Analysis for Characterization of Analogs to High-z Galaxies, S. M. Motino Flores et al.

4:10–4:20 pm ET, Oral Session 229.01.Accretion in the Inner Regions of Disks Around Massive Young Stellar Objects, A. Barr et al.

5:00–5:10 pm ET, Oral Session 228.05. Magnetic Field of the Galaxy M82, J. Guerra Aguilera, et al.

5:20–5:30 pm ET, Oral Session 232.06. Mapping the Magnetic Field in Fillamentary Cloud L1495/B211 with SOFIA HAWC+, P. Li et al.

Wednesday, January 13

12:50–1:00 pm ET, Oral Session 306.05. Dust Alignment and Magnetic Fields in the 30 Doradus Star-Forming Region, S. Coude et al.

1:20–1:30 pm ET, Oral Session 308.07. Magnetic Field in the Central Region of the Circinus Galaxy with SOFIA/HAWC+, L. Grosset et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 342.07. New Insights into the ISM Conditions in Infrared-Luminous Galaxies, M. Jimenez et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET, iPoster 343.03. Towards Understanding the Galactic H II Region Sgr B1: Dust properties and Massive Stars, A. Cotera et al.

4:10–5:40 pm ET iPoster Session 348.05. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Paschen-Alpha Imaging Survey of NGC 2024 with FLITECAM, J. Klusmeyer et al.

Thursday, January 14

12:30–12:40 pm ET, Oral Session 406.04. The First Mid-Infrared Detections of HNC and H13CN in the Interstellar Medium, S. Nickerson et al.

12:40–12:50 pm ET, Oral Session 408.04. Deconstructing IR emission in AGN Deconstructing IR Emission in AGN using SOFIA/HAWC, L. Fuller

4:10–4:20 pm ET, Oral Session 430.01. The Multi-Phase Spiral Magnetic Field of M51, A. S. Borlaff et al.

4:30–4:40 pm ET, Oral Session 430.03. The Magnetic Feld across the Warped Molecular Disk of Centaurus A, E. Lopez Rodriguez

4:30–4:40 pm ET, Oral Session 441.03. Molecular Gas along the Bar of NGC 7479, D. Fadda et al.

Friday, January 15

12:50–1:00 pm ET, Oral Session 511.06. Building a High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Spectral Line Database for Hot Molecular Cores, N. Rangwala

4:40–4:50 pm ET, iPoster-Plus Session 526.04. SOFIA/FLITECAM 3-5.4 micron Spectroscopy of PAHs in Planetary Nebulae, E. C. Smith et al.

SOFIA Exhibit Hall Booth

SOFIA staff will be available at a virtual exhibit booth for discussion and Q&A. Be sure to visit and pick up some virtual swag!

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