SOFIA Cycle 1 US Queue Results

The abstracts of the approved proposals may be accessed by clicking on the Proposal IDs in the table below.

Prop. ID PI PI Affiliation Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time (hrs)
01_0005 Imke de Pater University of California - Berkeley Jupiter's Tropospheric Dynamics from SOFIA Mapping of Temperature, Para-Hydrogen, and Aerosols FORCAST 1.0
01_0007 James De Buizer Universities Space Research Association Revealing the Embedded Structures and Sources within Giant HII Regions FORCAST 9.1
01_0010 Donald Figer Rochester Institute of Technology The Mass Loss of Red Supergiants FORCAST 2.0
01_0017 Robert Gehrz University of Minnesota - Twin Cities SOFIA Target of Opportunity (ToO) Observations of Bright Classical Novae in Outburst FORCAST, FLITECAM 4.4
01_0026 Carol Grady Eureka Scientific Inc. Disk Tomography of Stratified Herbig Ae Protoplanetary Disks with SOFIA FORCAST FORCAST 8.0
01_0030 Vianney Lebouteiller CEA, Saclay, France Unveiling the origin of [CII] using the multi-phase environment of the star-forming ring N11 in the LMC GREAT 13.0
01_0032 Pierre Vernazza European Southern Observatory Uncovering the surface composition of the largest main-belt asteroids with FORCAST FORCAST 1.0
01_0034 Alexander Tielens Sterrewacht Leiden Mid-IR emission from Dust and PAHs in Ultracompact HII regions FORCAST 12.0
01_0035 Joseph Hora Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Spectroscopy of Massive Protostars in Cygnus X FORCAST 5.2
01_0039 David Neufeld The Johns Hopkins University Search for the mercapto radical (SH) in the interstellar medium GREAT 4.0
01_0040 Paul Goldsmith Jet Propulsion Laboratory Probing Molecular Cloud Accretion and Envelopes with Velocity-Resolved CII Lines Observed with SOFIA/GREAT GREAT 11.0
01_0041 Gregory Sloan Cornell University An Infrared Spectral Survey of Galactic Carbon Stars FORCAST 13.6*
01_0042 Robert Rubin NASA Ames Research Center An Opportunity to Solve the Nebular Abundance Problem with SOFIA FORCAST 5.6
01_0045 Jonathan Tan University of Florida Peering to the Heart of Massive Star Birth - II. A Survey of 8 Protostars FORCAST 4.0
01_0049 Christopher Tibbs California Institute of Technology Exploring the role of CII in current Spinning Dust Models GREAT 2.0
01_0051 Goran Sandell Universities Space Research Association Mapping [CII] emission in the NGC2023 reflection nebula. GREAT 4.0
01_0053 William Langer Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dynamics of the CMZ - Giant Magnetic Loops Connection in the Galactic Center GREAT 8.0
01_0054 John Bally University of Colorado at Boulder FORCAST Imaging of the Mini-Starburst in W43 FORCAST 7.3
01_0056 Douglas Whittet Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Evolution of Preplanetary Matter: FORCAST Grism Spectroscopy of Ices from 5 to 8 microns FORCAST 6.5
01_0059 John Hewitt NASA Goddard Space Flight Center GREAT Diagnostics of Molecular Shocks in Interacting Supernova Remnants GREAT 5.0
01_0072 Frank Israel Leiden [CII] in the Magellanic Clouds: sampling low metallicity ISM physics GREAT 4.0
01_0074 Diane Wooden NASA Ames Research Center FORCAST Observations of a ToO Bright Comet in CY1 FORCAST 3.6
01_0075 Andrew Rivkin The Johns Hopkins University Characterization of OH and H2O in Asteroids FLITECAM 2.0
01_0082 Tracey Hill Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique Characterising young high-mass stars in Cygnus X using SOFIA. FORCAST 4.3
01_0084 Michael Brown California Institute of Technology A new window on the surface of Europa FORCAST 10.0
01_0085 Lee Mundy University of Maryland College Park Star Formation in the Dense Environment of Young Clusters: A FORCAST Imaging Survey FORCAST 5.0
01_0086 Andrew Helton Universities Space Research Association An Examination of Dust Formation and Destruction in the Classical Nova V1280 Sco FORCAST, FLITECAM 3.0
01_0096 Jean Chiar SETI Institute FLASH: FLITECAM Limits on the Abundance of Silicate Hydrates in the ISM FLITECAM 1.5
01_0099 Avi Mandell NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Characterizing Transiting Exoplanets Using FLITECAM: An Exploratory Program FLITECAM --**
01_0101 Michael Person MIT Examining Pluto's atmosphere with SOFIA through stellar occultations HIPO/FLITECAM --**
01_0102 David Trilling Northern Arizona University Imaging of nearby Spitzer-selected candidate debris disks FORCAST 5.4
01_0124 Els Peeters SETI Institute Aromatics versus aliphatics: revealing the structure of carbonaceous dust. FORCAST, FLITECAM 7.0
01_0125 Katherine Jameson University of Maryland Hunting for Hidden H2 in IC10 with [CII] GREAT 4.0
01_0130 Bruce McCollum California Institute of Technology First Mid-IR Observations of a Main-Sequence Stellar Merger Caught in the Act FORCAST 2.8
01_0136 David Principe Rochester Institute of Technology Mid-infrared Imaging of X-ray Sources in L1630: Investigating the Onset of Magnetic Activity in Protostars FORCAST 4.1
01_0138 Raghvendra Sahai Jet Propulsion Laboratory Probing the 3-Dimensional Structure of the Ring Nebula with GREAT observations of [CII] GREAT 4.0
01_0143 Michael Lundquist University of Wyoming Probing the Nature of Intermediate-Mass Star Formation Regions at 37µm FORCAST 5.2*

The total allocated time of 192.6 hours includes two survey programs totalling 18.8 hours, and two Target-of-Opportunity programs totalling 8.0 hours.

*Survey program
**Allocated time will not count against the total available time for Cycle 1 GI programs

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