3.7 Flux and Telluric Calibration

Flux and telluric calibration observations will be planned by the SMO staff and instrument scientists using standard stars, asteroids, and planets. Calibration plans will be specific to each instrument. In all cases, except EXES, the time used for calibration observations are considered part of the general overhead and will not be charged against the GI program time. GIs should look at the calibration details provided in each instrument chapter below for specific calibration plans.

The calibration accuracy will depend on the instrument and observation mode, but an accuracy of 20% is expected to be obtained, even in "Shared Risk" modes. Unless the proposer requires more accurate calibration, there is no need to request time for calibration or to choose calibration targets. If the GI has such requirements for more accurate calibration, they must be justified in the proposal, and the time required for the calibration observations should be included in the total time request. The only exception to this is EXES, for which all calibration observations must be specified in the proposal and will be charged to the science program time.

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