4.1.3 Detector

The detector is a Raytheon Vision Systems Si:As array with 1024x1024 pixels. The detector material is bonded to a SB 375 multiplexer. The array is mounted in a separate enclosure to reduce scattered light. The headerboard is thermally isolated from the rest of the optics box to permit active temperature control of the array. The photon fluxes in the low-resolution configuration ("Low") will be significantly above the level intended for the array. This prevents observations at longer wavelengths and/or with wider slits. When photon fluxes allow, only a subsection of the array will be clocked out in this configuration for a faster read-out (as well as in any imaging configuration). It is expected that a quarter to half the array will be utilized in these configurations, so the effective slit length is about 60''. These limitations to the Low configuration are not reflected in the online ETC yet, and GIs are encouraged to contact the instrument team for more information.

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