5.2.1 Spectral Resolution

The blue spectrometer operates in 1st and 2nd order. An order-sorting filter blocks the unwanted order. The red spectrometer only operates in 1st order. The spectral resolution of FIFI-LS depends on the observed wavelength. It ranges from R = λ/Δλ ~500 to 2000. That corresponds to a velocity resolution of 150 to 600 km/s. The top panel of Figure 5-3 shows the spectral resolution in velocity resolution and in R vs. wavelength as measured in the lab.

FIFI-LS has 16 pixels in the spectral direction. The wavelength range covered by these 16 pixels also depends on the observing wavelength. The bottom panel of Figure 5-3 shows the instantaneous spectral coverage or bandwidth (BW) in micron.

Throughput of optical system

Figure 5-2. Throughput of optical system -- here the transmission of the overall optical system is shown for the six possible optical configurations using two dichroic beam splitters (D105 and D130) and both grating orders (blue channel only).

Spectral Resolution

Instantaneous spectral coverage

Figure 5-3: Top: The spectral resolution in km/s and λ/Δλ for both channels; Bottom: The instantaneous wavelength coverage in km/s of the 16 spectral pixels vs. wavelength.

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