6.1.6 Spectroscopic Sensitivities

Figure 6-6 presents the expected continuum point source sensitivities for the FLITECAM grisms combined with an ATRAN model of the atmospheric transmission. The Minimum Detectable Continuum Flux (MDCF; 80% enclosed energy) in Jy needed for a S/N of 4 in 900 seconds at a water vapor overburden of 7.3 μum, an altitude of 41K feet, and an elevation angle of 45°: (an airmass of 1.4) is shown.

FLITECAM and FLIPO grism sensitivities

Figure 6-6: Plotted here are the FLITECAM (green line) and FLIPO (blue line) grism sensitivities for a continuum point source across the entire FLITECAM bandpass.

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