6.2.2 Planning Spectroscopic Observations

Spectroscopic observations with the FLITECAM grisms may be obtained with either an ''ABBA'' or an ''AB'' nod pattern that is either on-slit or off-slit.

Guiding during spectroscopic observations will be conducted with either the telescope guide cameras or with HIPO, if FLITECAM and HIPO are co-mounted in the FLIPO configuration (see Section 7).

It is important to note that due to the fixed position of the grisms/slits in the filter/aperture wheels, the orientation of the slit on the sky will be dependent on the flight plan and will not be able to be predetermined. Further, the slit orientation rotates on the sky with each telescope Line-of-Sight (LOS) rewind. These limitations may be especially important to consider when proposing observations of extended objects.

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