8.1.6 Camera Performance

Table 8-3: FPI+ Camera Modes and Performance

FPI+ Observing Mode Horizontal Clock Rate Bit Depth Gain [e-/DU] Minimum Read Noise FPI+ Tracking Possible
FAST_STARE 10 MHz 14 bit 10.7 45.9 e- rms No
FPI_TRACK_MEDIUM_STARE 5 MHz 14 bit 8.9 36.1 e- rms Yes
FPI_TRACK_SLOW_STARE 1 MHz 16 bit 0.7 6.0 e- rms Yes

Dark Current:

With the camera’s multi-stage thermo-electric cooler, it is possible to achieve sensor temperatures of 100˚ C below ambient temperature. The measured dark current rate at a sensor temperature of -85˚ C, the recommended setting, is 0.001 e-/pixel/second.

Frame Rates:

The frame rates listed in Table 8-4 are for the full frame. When sub-frames are used (without FPI+ tracking) the achievable rates can be increased. The frame rate then depends on the sub-frame size and its position on the sensor.

Table 8-4: FPI+ frame rates in frames per second for the acquisition of full frames in the three observing modes

1x1 8.9 3.8 0.9
2x2 17.5 6.9 1.7
4x4 33.6 11 3.2
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